Yes she is blond

Posted by Kush on September 4th, 2008

I was looking at the server configuration for our BES (Blackberry Server) and noticed something odd, about one of the users contact information screens, she typed in the following information into her Blackberry in case she lost it:


Yes I used a fake number but she used a real number, she entered her Blackberry’s phone number into the contact information so if someone found her Blackberry they can call her Blackberry to let her know she lost it.

It amazes me sometimes…


Posted by Kush on September 4th, 2008

I get a trouble ticket from one of the users the other day, she stated in the ticket that there is an error flashing on her screen, well this is new, she is using a macbook pro, her major application is email and chat clients (don’t ask) so I figure I will take this one rather than someone else just because I’m curious as what ‘error’ is flashing on the screen I’ve had my macbook for about a year and I have NEVER seen an error.

Well I get up to her ‘office’ (don’t ask) and she says “Look there it is again, I need someone to fix it, its broke again!” the last FIVE times it was broken was a combination of showing her where the power button was to turn it on and to plug in the network cable, because god knows she isn’t smart enough to actually connect to the wireless network, “cause ya know it’s difficult to type in a 10 digit pass code, I should make it easy for everyone to connect to the interweb and get rid of the network password”

Well the error on the screen was:


Of course she states that her computer is always broken and she needs a new one, I tell her is a very technical solution to this problem, plug it in. She actually stated that she has never plugged the laptop in, over the past 3 months she has worked at the company. What does she actually do here? Natural selection would have had her eaten by a lion very early in life as she would have tried to pet the pretty kitty.


Posted by Kush on April 4th, 2008

This is another rant about spam, just looking at the log files on my mail server;  I was wondering do morons that own computers actually have a clue about the device they use?

I would think not, the sheer volume of bullshit spam that comes from home user machines is incredible, its mind blowing actually. While not completely the users fault, the blame ends up being Microsoft and their insecure system, somewhat. Let’s face it even if Joe Sixpack actually used a flavor of Linux, he would still get the email giving him step by step instructions how to use SUDO and install software that will give control of his machine to spammers.

So while I like to blame the OS, which is partly at fault, we have to put the blame where is lies, moron that go to Wal-Mart and buy cheap ass PCs to get on the line, ya know the interweb, and send some mail in the tubes.

Look if you own a computer be a good citizen of the internet and run a full virus scan of your machine, then run a adware remover.  Look I think computers should have idiot lights installed like cars do, “Time to change your oil” it could be applied as “Time to run your virus scan”

All I’m saying is if you take the basic steps to keep your car’s engine from seizing why not do the same with your computer? This wasn’t a very large problem back in the day because computers cost many thousands of dollars and the people that bought them took care of them. Now that you can get a computer for less than half a week’s salary for most people they have become disposable. Can you picture the chaos that would occur if brand new cars cost half a week’s salary?

You can’t make this up!

Posted by Kush on March 28th, 2008

Hiya all,

Now this one might just sound picky on my part but give me some slack on it, here is a trouble ticket from a new staff artist, who *needed* a new monitor because the 19” calibrated LCD on his desk was too small for such a talented person. He needed a 22” wide screen.

it is not correctly set, image too wide and bright,… all the circle became oval. Help…..

I know some of you might call me picky on this but a professional graphic artist should know about screen resolution, and dimensions as it pertains to his or her profession. He wasn’t aware of the simple fact that a different size screen with completely different physical dimensions should have the default resolution changed, and the brightness calibrated.

This is how this person makes a living! It would be like me asking what RAM was and why it was needed in a computer. You can’t make this stuff up.


Give us a break

Posted by Kush on March 28th, 2008

Hi everyone,

I was just looking at my throw away account that I use if I just need to put an email address on a web form or need to give out my email address on the web for some reason.

With all the Viagra, enlarge your member, safe way to increase your manhood, spam that I get on this account , you would think that if just one of these penis enlargement advertisements actually worked women all over the world would be screaming in just out right pain all of the time.

Come on let’s face it if any man found a drug or device to increase his male prowess and enlarge his size he would so over do it, and we would all be wearing our penis as a belt or be able to compete in a three legged race by ourselves . Because we as men are idiots, and would do something that stupid to ourselves.

So come on spammers give us people with half a mind a break and stop trying to hock your snake oil to the stupid. Stupid people stop buying this crap and the spammers will stop. It doesn’t work.


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